Refreshing zobo drink (zobo tutu)

The weather is getting warmer and better by the day and I really wish it stays this way. Lawd! I can’t deal with the cold weather. Last weekend, the weather was very fair to us and I decided to grace it by making a very popular drink I grew up having back in Nigeria, Zobo. Zobo is a dried type of leaf and it is also called hibiscus leaf or sorrel and it can be easily sourced from the market. It is very refreshing and medicinal too. I also know another type of hibiscus leaf called Ishapa used to cook egusi soup. My late grandmother made it for us severally, while growing up. Bless her soul! She was a wonderful cook and I miss her cooking a lot. I am not sure if ishapa is still very handy as it was back then. Meanwhile, Zobo on the other hand is very much available and affordable too. This is meant to be a very short post, so let me stop rambling now. If you would like to learn more about Zobo leaves check here:  you will be surprised on how mighty this colourful flower is.

What you will need

50g dried Zobo leaves

1 pineapple, cut into chunks

1 orange, cut into segments

4-5 pieces of cloves, substitute with the 1tbs ground cloves (kanafuru)

Ginger, 2-3 sugar cube sizes

Sugar to taste, optional



Rinse zobo leaves to get of dirt.

Place zobo leaves and all other ingredients excluding the sugar into a pan and bring to boil with 4 cups of water for 15minutes. If you will be adding sugar, add it to the mixture while it is still hot and mix together.

Leave zobo to steep for about 2-4 hours depending on how much time you have got

Strain the content through the tiniest sieve you have to get rid of any settlements

Leave zobo to cool and serve chilled or with ice, you can also garnish with lemon or lime.

Enjoy. x


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  2. Cool drink for d weather


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